The Finest Magic for all Occasions

"Absolutely Mind Blowing"
-- Jon and Kathryn 

Neil is a highly skilled and experienced magician who can add that special something to make your next event even more memorable. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, anniversary, house party, charity fund raising or corporate event. Neil can amaze your guests with either strolling magic or as a parlour experience, where all your guests can be entertained at the same time. Neil will not only astound your guests with his magic but can also demonstrate some of his mind reading skills, which will leave your guests in wonder.

If you would like to chat with Neil, his phone number is on the contact page, you are also welcome to email Neil from the contact page to ask any questions or to get a quote for your event. Please be sure to include the type of event, location and number of guests.

Secure Neil for your special occasion before somebody else does!


Why not make your next party even more memorable with a magician? Neil will be sure to bring that magical spark with him to get your guests fired up for a great time! Your party will be remembered for a long time after the night is over.

 Maidstone's Magician


Add that extra special element of surprise and wonder to your day with a strolling magician. Neil is an experienced wedding magician that can mingle with your guests or set up at a table for people to sit down and enjoy his magic. 

Are you watching closely?